The summer is almost over, well at least the heat is ebbing slowly away. We have cool nights and warm sunny days. Iydillic really. The first week of September is a perfect time for Paint Provence with Tess. We can still eat all our meals outside, paint plein-air, swim and then snuggle up under the duvet at night as the air chills and leaves clear skies filled to the brim with shiny stars and sparkling plants. Oh how lucky we are!

Tourtour views of Aix-en-Provence and Vaucluse

Holly and Sylvia have their first tast of painting the hilly ranges that are so familiar in Provence. On Sunday we were in my studio where I taught them basic techniques and on Monday we went to Tourtour to practise them.


We managed to get the only picnic table that was there. With Tourtour to the right of us we set our gaze over the hills to try to recreate the receding hills blending into the sky on the horizon.

Tess growing a bush out of her hat.jpg

Me, in front of  Sylvia’s view.

We had a splendid picnic lunch and strolled through the village before setting up on the other side to paint the roof tops and the church.

Tourtour two


I can’t seem to find a photo of the roof tops and church just now but will have a better look later.

Yesterday we stayed in our house in the woods behind Lorgues and I taught the delightful duo about dark and light. We painted cypres in the morning and sunflowers in the afternoon.

Today we are zooming off to La Ciotat to paint the sea and see my dear friend Kristi of French word a day.

I would like to apologise for not writing very often of late. I have been so busy it is hard to find the time. Very early in the morning seems as good as any.

A bientôt