Early morning sunrise over the hills

It is my last day today, very sadly I will have to leave this niche in paradise. I arrived last Saturday. Books, files and work to do. I had planned a weeks work and a weeks rest. Work in the morning and fun in afternoon. As always, I forget that the natural world has it’s own say in what I do and don’t do. I had a very nasty infection, ended up at A&E and my first few days were gobbled up by illness. But I have nothing to complain about, I just happen to be in one of the prettiest parts of Provence, apart from chez moi, of course.

My view in Bonneiux Provence
The view from my balcony

I came here to work on my on line course and try and get over the block that has prevented me from turning the visuel into words. It is hard for me, being so visual. I see things visually and not in words. I have worked out how to do it now. I have downloaded an app that whilst the working videos are playing I can record them. But, sometimes the translation into script beggars beleif! It has worked though and I am now happily transcribing my videos into script for my on line course.

Pascal the Potter in Roussillon

Two years ago, when we could just, just, still travel, my sister Charlie came over from Australia to stay with me and come on one of my paint provence trips. We had a splendid time and Charlie bought us both mugs from Pascal. Charlie’s mug is sadly broken, so I went to buy her another.

Roussillon in Provence
Red Rocks of Roussillon

I treated myself to lunch in a wonderful restaurant and gazed at this splendid view through the pouring rain. The day before I met with Kathy and Charley Wood who live on and off in Bonnieux and I believe are starting on of their tours today as I type. They have been very kind to me, since I became a member of Slow Travel Tours. I have found using their blog page very tricky and a bit to hard for my dyslexic brain. Kathy has been wonderful and patient and talked me through so much of it. Kathy I am very grateful if you happen to be reading this! They introduced to some artist friends of theirs and I have been feeling quite at home here and surrounded by lovely people.

Just about to pour with rain

I set up my painting table, sat in my painting chair, took out my paper, paints and brushes and the very moment I started to paint it decded to bucket down. But it was the first day I had allowed myself out to paint, only after I had achieved the right amount of work. So I decided not to let the rain get me down. I painted a very wet painting!

Rain drops kep falling on my paint..Trala

So there you have it, all in all a sublime little holiday. Today at the desk and tomorrow homeward bound. I have work out my 2022 trips, which will be up soon, I will let you know the moment they are.

À Bienetôt

Painting in the rain!