Hisako arrived three days early and we have had a wonderful time seeing the view, discussing mixing colours and what colours to use in Antigua, For the sky I have been using cobalt, manganese and cerulean, sometimes a bit of ultramarine. For the sea I have been using, turquoise, bottle green, prussian blue, manganese, cobalt, cadmium yellow, alizeran and quinachridone magenta.


English Harbour

This is a view from the terrace of Hisako’s hotel.


This is a view of our shared started at Rum Baba’s in Falmouth Harbour. Perfectly cooked calamari stuffed with caramalised onion, totally delicious.


Hisako and I at Jacqui O’s an absolutley beautiful setting.


In the morning Denise and Flip came to the lesson and on the beach and we worked on delicate and more controlled painting with a small fine brush and then we worked on a quick splish splash painting done with a very large size 20 flat brush.