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 Simply Watercolours is now live!

We have an early bird 20% off until 14th February

I am over the moon, we have finally finished my on line, one to one, personalized water colour course for beginners and for those of you who would like a refresher course.


Unit 5 Part 2

I am very excited about it, it has taken two years to complete and a huge amount of work has gone into it. We started it Janaury 2021. I say we because my wonderful website builder friends, Gretchen and Paul, have spent hours filming, hours editing, hours putting it on line and hours of patience with me when I don’t understand anything at all!!!!
When covid took the World into it’s strangle hold, I started to teach some of my lovely work shop students on line using zoom. It worked very well, so then I thought to myself, why not an online course. Of course there are loads of on line courses, but I couldn’t find a course that could be taylor made for the individual and where not only you could have frequent meetings with the teacher, have videos that you can play and replay and loads of notes and homework!!
I also wanted to be able to share my own love of water colours and how I work with them. They truly are quite magical when you get to know them. With a spalsh of water on the paper and a splash of colour an alchemical process starts and continues until it has dried.  I have become deeply in love with watercolour painting. I wake up in the morning eager to get back to my painting, and then feel disheartened as I have accounts to do, or something equally boring. Sometimes, I do something I don’t enjoy and reward myself with painting a flower. The painting of anemones below, was painted with my reward system. It took two weeks!

I am still continuing with my week long workshops. I love the commaderie, the singing in the car, the painting plein-air. Lunches and dinners altogether. As one of my students said what a wondeerful house party.
Now the course is finished, I hope to have more time to blog and to paint and to teach.
I hope to see you soon.