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Painting in Seville, Spain!
Seville’s historic centre, overlooked by a colossal Gothic cathedral, is an beautiful mix of resplendent Mudéjar palaces, baroque churches and winding medieval lanes. Flamenco clubs keep the intimacy and intensity of this centuries-old tradition alive and great mansions recall the city’s past as a showcase Moorish capital and, later, a 16th-century metropolis rich on the back of New World trade.

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Tess knows her countryside and her palette very well… She took us to all of the most picturesque places, carefully chosen to capitalize on the weather conditions and our levels of skill, to develop our individual strengths and styles and to challenge us to new levels. I highly recommend a week with Tessa to learn, enjoy, paint, sight-see (and shop, eat and wine-taste!) and let yourself be inspired and challenged as well as spoiled and amazed – at all of the beauty, fun, laughter, great results and good times! I would go back in a minute – any day!



Your Art Course in Seville:
An Overview of the Week.

« I have found a few fabulous Town Houses with gardens that we can literally walk to a lot of our painting sights from and where if we choose we can just go for a drink in a local bar or cafe, perfect for mid October weather»

Saturday afternoon:
Pick up at Seville train Station or airport.
Drive back to our villa or house and get settled in. We will go over the week to come at dinner on Saturday evening. I am not making an absolute itinerary as there are so many extraordinary places to visit and paint in Seville. Of course the
architecture might predominate our trip but there are bridges and parks and waterways.

A late start for those of you who are jet lagged and a day where I teach you the basic techniques of water colour, if you are already an accomplished watercolourist this will be a good day to practice perspective.
As we are staying in town we can go for a walk about after we have finished and look in wonder at this beautiful city. Then of course back to a fabulous meal cooked by our chef Anna.

A normal start to the day breakfast at home and then a few hours spent understanding drawing and painting architecture even in the most simple of ways. We will have an early lunch at the house and then take our paints into the city. First stop Plaza D’Espania, where we will sketch and paint for the afternoon. Home for a rest and dinner.

A date out. In the morning we go to the Royal Alcazar of Seville, built for a Christian King called Peter of Castille on the destroyed remains of an Abbadit Muslim residential Fortress. The gardens and walkways are beautiful, the architecture graceful and I have my eye on the mosaic pool full of delicious reflections. We shall have a simple picnic lunch out before going to paint at the Puente de Isabell 11 this is a beautiful 19th century arched bridge. There is something extremely peaceful sitting on a river bank painting the reflections in the water. I will paint demonstrations both in the morning and the afternoon. Home hard worked and tired we will have a yummy dinner.

Market morning, Trianna Market is an indoor market filled to the brim of Spanish delicacies and it even has it’s own museum, a must visit me thinks. We will go home for lunch and paint at home in the afternoon going over the work you have done and I shall give you any help you need with your paintings. Dinner at home.

We will visit the Cathedral of Seville and paint there all morning and according to how you feel into the afternoon. I would like us to visit the Parque de Maria Louisa with its long colonaides, botanical like gardens and beautiful trees. A restful way to paint in the afternoon. Dinner at home

A day to visit art and be inspired. We will go the The Seville Museum of Fine Arts which used to be a 17th Century Palace and we will visit if we are up for it the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo which used to be in a former life a monastery. We will sketch and paint quickly today.

A day to stay at home and finish paintings and to go over our week. We will have as usual our own private exhibition with Champagne and Canopes and then we will go out to a traditional Spanish Restuarant for our farewell dinner.

With Paint Provence we will…

  • Pick you up from and take you back to the airport.
  • Drive you to some of our most stunning scenic destinations.
  • Provide delicious home-made breakfast, lunches, picnic lunches and dinner by our chef.
  • Wine tasting at several of our local châteaux just a walk away

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