Today we finally have cool weather the mistrals strong winds have blown away the hot humid air. It has been a summer of heat, hard work and big things to cope with.

I turned 62  yesterday and I have finally had a calm quiet weekend which has been wonderful. My dear friend Anna is here and have walked the dogs, rested, I have swum and we had a candlelit dinner last night for six of us.

I have cooked a lot this summer and it has kept me very busy and away from blogging. So I apologies for my lack of blogging I am sure to get back into it. I have my last paint PROVENCE WITH TESS this September in the Vaucluse staying at our favorite house near Saint Didier. It will be nice to go back to Less Baux  and see the lights of Van Gogh and to Roussillon to see the red Rocks. Tilly and Thomas will be coming this time.

A walk in Provence

Tilly and her stick

She could not have picked a bigger one!



Thomas valiantly head first into  the . I may be the last course but I will short weekend courses over the weekends and will let you know about dates  soon.

Also letting you know more about 2020 so you can get your bookings in.


Love to all