I haven’t seen this painting for quite a while now. I called it Brave Space, mainly because I felt quite brave painting such a huge canvas 180 c x 300 cm. It takes up alot of space, but is so sunny to see. I love painting huge canvasses and Neil and Tiziana have happily called Brave Space, Reg. A very fitting name I think!

I know it is slightly Rothko-esque if that is a word. Rothko is and was one of my favourite artists. I can sit in the Rothko room at the Tate Modern for hours on end as his paintings breethe me in and out again slowley rythmically as they capture my soul.

A friend was talking recently about one of his favourite installations at the Tate Modern, sadly one I did not see. The Crack he said it was the most impressive installation he has seen to date. After Phil telling me about it I rather wish now I had seen it.

I am off to Roussillon on Thursday morning to set up for the May 18th – 25th trip and am very excited about it and the beautiful villa we will be staying in. Because of the cool spring and plenty of rain poppies are in abundance so I am sure you will be seeing our poppy paintings again.

I am working on my 2020 dates today and will send out a newletter and put them up on this blog. I am also offering 35% off my Charente trip is any of you are interested in joining us on July 6th – 13th in Montemboeuf. Please visit my website Paint Provence with Tess

The Autumn trips are filling with the 14th – 21st September almost full, so if you are interested in coming along please book soon.

I will let you know places/countries and dates tomorrow.

À bientôt