I don’t think I have, and whats more it’s old. No one tried to make it happen like this. It is the planks of wood and the fading of the blue, of the very delicious blue and the crumbling cream walls that make this door so mesmerising, so inviting, so utterly, I wish I could take it home and make it my front door. I know I would be stepping into magic. Of course we will paint the door on paper this week, but I am sure we cannot possibly do it justice. At least we can pay it hommage.

I arrived very late on Thursday, my plane was delayed and then the sat nav, muddly Mandy I have called her, got me lost, at least I am sure it was her. She seemed to tell me just after the turning when to turn.  Sometimes she is well behaved, in which case she is called Clarity Candice. We like her then.

I arrived too late at night to see what our village is like, so it was nice to see our terrace view in the morning.

From our apartment. Paint Provence goes to Palma

Friday was supermarket day and I am desperately trying to catch up with the dates and destinations on my web site as there are so many details missing. I am getting there quite a lot to go though!

A stroll around the village and a visit to the church on Saturday proved very peaceful. I am not sure if I can rember having seen a statue of Mary and Child at the alter, in fact most of the statues in the church were Mary. I loved the feminine touch. Empty and serene I said a little prayer for peace.

Palm in the corner. Valldemossa.jpg

We painted this superb palm tree in this delightful corner of Valldemossa. I am sure many of you know that Chopin and George Sands lived here. I haven’t gone to the museum. Painting plein-air takes presidence! Chopin’s Preludes are and always have been my first choice in classical music. I love painting to his Prelude’s!

Looking out from our restaurantThe owner of this restaurant kindly let us set up our easles on his tables before he opened. In return I booked a table there for lunch. Painting to the heavenly aroma of his cuisine became quite a hardship as, even though I wasn’t hungry, I suddenly, desperately wanted to his food. We were not dissapointed, we were also party to the chef’s chorus from the kitchen. What fun! Thank you Valldemossa. Tomorrow it is Deia and Soller.

À bientôt