Palma de Mallorca

Painting Holidays
in Palma de Mallorca


    • 13th – 20th October 2018



€2300 per painting person, €2100 per non-participating partner. Minimum 4 (maximum 6) people for the course to run.

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I am a photographer, who has never been brave enough to try my hand in painting until now and since joining Tessa’s art class in Autumn, I have discovered a whole new creative side of me which I never new existed. It has been tremendous and very rewarding alongside Tess in her wonderful studio. I am definitely a fan a hope to continue on her course next year. Gilly of Tour Tour

Palma de Mallorca

Pretty house in Palma

Palma de Mallorca

Cathedral Palma de Mallorca

Your Art Course in Mallorca:
An Overview of the Week

What a treat to go back to Mallorca after 20 years. Too long! I am so looking forward to our trip this October. I haven’t quite decided the location of our villa. But we do have Anna Chef Extra-ordinaire cooking for us. Anna lives in Palma and drove me all around finding locations for us to paint and for me to make a diverse and full itinary. We want to make the most of this beautiful and picturesque Island. We shall visit markets and and sea coves, we will go to the hills and paint the views. We shall eat Paella and tapas and all in all have a wonderful time!

We will pick you up from the airport and take you back to our Villa in the hills. Settle in and then we will join for drinks and dinner on the terrace provided by Anna our chef extra-ordinaire.

I will take you through the programme of our weeks painting locations.

You may have jet lag, so on the Sunday it will be a slightly later start. I will teach and go through many of the techniques of watercolour that you will need during the week. We will also spend a few hours studying perspective and buildings. Because on Monday we will go to paint in Palma.

After breakfast we will drive into Palma and spend the day there, there are so many places to draw and paint it will be hard to decided where best to go. But I think around the Cathedral we have many possibilites so in the morning we will sketch our scene and prepare for the afternoon painting. Stop for a typical Mallorcian tapas lunch and paint in the afternoon. I will also make sure you have time to wander around town and do some exploring for yourselves.

We will go to Valldemossa, home to Chopin and George Sands, and idylic village to paint. We will leave early and sketch and paint in the morning. I will help you with colour mixing and tones, shadows and shapes and not to be afraid of the dark! Caravaggio comes to mind he is not afraid of using dark to show light.

We will then go and have lunch in Calle Deia. The water here is perfect for a refreshing swim!  In the afternoon we will drive to Fornalutx to paint.

We will stay at the villa for the morning and I will teach you the basics of landscape painting.  After lunch we will take a drive to Alaro and Orient and paint the beautiful stretching hill views from there. Homeward for Paella!

We will take a picnic lunch and spend the day at Cala S’Almonia, it is a beautiful walk to get there and the land and seascapes are superb. So I will teach you techniques for painting water and rocks. Home for dinner.

Our last day will be decided on the Thursday by all of us. We could go back to Palma to paint in the morning. Then in the afternoon go through our work of the week and discuss how to move forward when you get home!

Fond farewells and off to the Airport.

Palma de Mallorca

Valldemossa the village that Chopin and George Sands choice to live in for a while and Deia where Robert Graves made his home


Turquoise waters

Palma de Mallorca

Bourganvillia at Fornalutx

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca


Palma de Mallorca

Pala de Mallorca

Lunch in Calle Deia, the water here is perfect for a refreshing swim!



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