Walking home in the vineyards as the sun sets and mist starts to fall

I have because of need, been painting on my ipad most evenings after dinner, I started with simple and joyful, mainly food i pad paintings and I have moved onto landscapes, which somehow have become increasingly more difficult to paint. Rather like being in the studio, I have started to go over and over the painting and wondering when I will ever finish it. My painting above took a week of evenings to paint.

I am really looking forward to the progression of ipad to canvas and see how I do. All my ipad prints, printed on high quality watercolour printing paper are available for sale on my website:www.tessabakerart.com

So here we are again in a lock down, but it doesn’t seem to be making any difference where I live, everyone is living life as normal and taking very little notice of any of the rules. Hey ho here’s hoping some sense prevails in the majority!

In the meantime here are a few more i pad paintings.

Floating Away
Looking through the otherside
Changing Colours
Raining in Burgundy

Many more on my website

ZOOOOOM I am finally starting zoom watercolour lessons, my first one on Thursday. I am also structuring an online watercolour course, I’ll let you know as soon as I have completed it and it is going on line.

Christmas is coming and I am not sure what the geese are up to but I am also painting a few Christmas cards that I will post very soon. I really hope that this post finds you all well and happy in these strangest of times.