November with family and friends has become a regular holiday for me. Some would wonder why England and why November? But for me it is the perfect time of year to come. My painting trips have finished for the year the New Year hasn’t quite crept up on me in the uncanny way that it does and it is a wonderful time to see my family. Go to exhibitions and even attend a workshop myself.

When I was here last year I went to the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea and came across a group of women painters who are the Rosvik Gallery and whose work I greatly admire. We started talking and they invited me to join them on one of their ‘Paint-Ins’ I quickly determined to do so and the moment the dates came out I signed up for November 2018.

I have had the best time!

I had no idea what to expect but it has been so much more than I could ever have imagined.

I drove to England from France in my rather battered old Polo and drove and drove and drove oh so slowley, taking hours at every peage stopped by the gilets jaunes, who finally irritated me so much I got out of the car stormed up to them and told them that the only people they were affecting were people like themselves and that if they want Macron to listen they should do something that affected him directly rather than their fellow citizens. Lo and behold we were let though after an hours wait. The journey was not all doom and gloom. Driving through the French countryside is unbelievably beautiful and a wonderous journey all in all. I had decided to stop for the night in a bed and breakfast in a small town called Arcis-sur-Aube in the Champagne region of France. I arrived very late due to the delays. The owner Charles was so kind and friendly and made me smoked salmon salad to have in my room which although eccentirc in its decoration with an eclectic choice of paintings and rasberry crush coloured walls, was so warm and comfortable. I slept very well and was loathe to leave, I wished I had enough time to discover the town on the river.


I arrived in England slightly worn out by the journey and so happy to see my family. A visit to London is always part of the plan and I had a lovely stay there. The highlight being the Klimt and Schiele exhibition at the Royal Academy.

Absolutely brilliant. If you happen to be in London before February 4th 2019 I highly recommend that you go. Klimt/Schiele exhibition at the RA 

Full of the warmth, love and glow of delicious friends, family and exhibitions I headed back to Wiltshire for my ‘Paint In’ with the Rosvik  Gallery group.

Paintings by some of the wonderful painters, sadly I don’t know their surnames but will find out and put them on my next blog.  Top left, Sue then top right Jo Villars, bottom left Carol and Annie Field bottom right. The best week I have had in a while with a group of great artists, so friendly and giving. Heaven.

Flowers Little BedwynStill life of flowersIMG_3169

And the studio we painted in.

Studio Little Bedwyn

I am now in Kingsbridge with my sister Ellie and neice Rosie and we are just off out to see the Kingsbridge market.

À bientôt