Painting Trips

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Painting Plein-Aire

Paint Provence with Tess goes to different locations

One of my great joys teaching these Paint Provence holidays is travelling to amazing locations. Taking Paint Provence with Tess to other beautiful places in Provence is very exciting. The Luberon, Roussillon, Saint Remy les Baux, Aix en Provence are all places we will go to.

Paint Provence with Tess in Tourtour

Paint Provence students paint the mountain ranges

Antigua March 4th-11th

I spent many happy winters in Antigua and it is a fantastic location to take Paint Provence in the cooler months the air is warm and the sea is friendly. Beautiful weather, fantastic landscapes, colourful scenery and lovely sandy beaches and of course great food.

Paint Provence with Tess in the CarribeanJust one of the beautiful sandy beaches of Antigua


Mallorca is also an Island where I have spent many a happy month. Mallorca stays warmer longer than the South of France and as an added bonus, my dear friend and wonderful chef Anna lives there. Anna will be providing us with amazing meals during our stay on the Island and I will be taking you to some of my favourite locations.

In addition to painting holidays at our house in Provence, I am taking Paint Provence to other famous local destinations such as the Luberon, Roussillon and Camargue. For those of you who have a yearning to travel further afield, Paint Provence will be heading to Antigua and Mallorca in 2017.

Our trips have been so enriching, not only for the students but for David and myself. We work hard, but also we have so much fun, joviality around the picnic table and dinner table. Extra-ordinary conversations, interesting, wonderful and talented people join us on what has proved to be for me some of the happiest moments in my life.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Paint Provence at the Red Rocks of Roussillon

The red rocks of Roussillon are a must when visiting the Luberon.

Paint Provence with Tess visits Roussillon

The views in this area are ideal for painting, and Roussillon even sells paint pigmet ready to use! This area though so close to where we live is very different in its scenery and villages.

Paint Provence with Tess paints in the Luberon

Driving back from Roussillon we saw this magestic range, ideal for painting but perhpas a tricky subject!

Paint Provence mountain views

Not far from us are ranges of virtually unihabited mountians and hills, with waterfalls and cascades, a cool place to get away from the summer heat.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]