Actually, painting provence in isolation isn’t hard at all, it is so huge and there are so few people in land even in the tourist season, that when we paint in the lavender fields we are never seen by other people. We even remain hidden when a cyclist cycles by!

With Covid-19 a lot of changes have been made world wide including dates and locations of my trips. For 2020 I am running all my trips from home with a 15% reduction on the short and long trips.

My first week long trip starts on 13th June to Saturday 20th June.

I have two short courses so far and will add more for the fall. I have one in June from 6th – 9th  and then July from 1st to 5th.

Two fall trips one from 5th – 12th September and the next from 19th – 26th.

The June and July trips will be full of purple and bees a buzzing and autumn will be filled with golden, orange and red hues.

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At the moment I am painting irises weather pemitting. Lovely history in greek mythology

The iris is indeed a goddess in my eyes.



I still have a painting sale ontessabakerartof 50% off all paintings if you care to have a look.

A bientôt and hope to see you soon.

Keep safe and well.