I have painted and changed and painted and changed and changed this painting I think I may finally be happy with it, I have been painting it on and off for at least nine months now and have almost destroyed several times. The most important thing about this painting for me is that it has taught me a lot and how much I have to learn still.

Well it has been one wonderful thing after another. Two Paint Provence trips with the loveliest of people, then straight back into my studio painting, painting, painting, getting ready for my exhibition whose opening night is on Tuesday, this coming Tuesday even!!!

I have been posting on Facebook non stop I think, maybe too much and this will be another one. But. But I think it is going to be a great fun evening. My friend Vonny with her voice of gold and her friend the guitarist Pierre will be playing soft jazz, there will be delicious wines to taste along with great canapés made by me and of course my art.

I am going to have a big mix of paintings from my watercolours to my oils, and my new Camargue paintings which I am just getting into and looking forward to painting more of when it is cooler.

I rather regret not writing more frequently, but life has been taken up with work of all kinds and of course everything that has been happening back in Blighty. I have downloaded the paperwork to become a french citizen if they accept me. I believe I have to learn to sing the Marseillaise, I think I can manage that, not sure about my written french though we will have to see. I have never felt the need to be able to vote as acutely as now. As an expatriate I don’t have the right to vote in the UK nor do I have the right to vote on anything other than local community business in France.

I love it so much here it is my country it is my home so why not become French I ask myself??


This painting is also from a water colour I painted in the Camargue. I have called it La nuit Tombante, sounds so romantic!! Well it is romantic, sitting in the marshes as the sun goes down. I love it there!


A rather warm painting from a water colour I painted just before the sunset.

After the exhibition I am going to catch up on the paint provence trips, we had such a lovely time on the last two trips and we discussed going to Devon next year. I have found a great house and will be posting photographs of the possible trip if I can get enough eager painters and even their partners to come along.


A water colour abstract I painted of the dancing light on the River Loup, you can see me and the owner in the reflection of the glass as I took the photo!!


Another jolly painting now in situ with her horse friend who is quite beautiful.

Thats all for now folks, I miss all of you lovely people who have come on my painting trips.

A bientot