End of November in the vineyards. Fabrice is already pruning the vines ready for the winter. Bare, twisted, dancing vines, stripped of all colour and left naked to brave the winter. From tiny buds, pink and green to spring green leaves, growing into long tendrils, tiny bunches of grapes forming. September, black, juicy, sweet and delicious grapes, harvested ready to make Rose and reds of Provence. The the greens turn to gold, turn to red and orange, turn to brown. along comes Fabrice and no more leaves at all. All the leaves make a patch work quilt of autumnal colours that Tilly and I tread into the ground when we walk. Or she runs and I walk.

It has been a good September, October and November. Three great painting trips in a row. Wonderful students and amazing paintings. How lucky am I ?

We certainly had a great time. Painting in Tourtour, Commanderie de Peyrassol The Abbaye de Thoronet, Bonnieux, Roussillon, Lorgues, Fontaine de Vaucluse, Les Baux de Provence, ooh la la where haven’t we been?

Not long after my last trip finished, I started to prepare for a trip of my own. Off to visit my sister Ellie in Cornwall, whom I haven’t really seen much over the last three years. Scine we last saw one another there have been many changes. Ellie moved to Cornwall and my husband had a stroke, which radically changed my life for a while. Covid itself has made changes in so many peoples lives aorund the World. It’s wonderful to travel again, to see family, to see friends and to see new things. although we went to Cornwall when I was quite young, I don’t remember it well at all.

I do know that my mother took me to see Barbara Hepworth’s works when I was very young, some of the memories are vivid or giant sculptures, giant to a small person. I think I must have been about 8 years old. I can’t remember. I should ask my sister Candy, she must have gone too. Anyway thats a long time ago. This visit to Cornwall, I went with Ellie and my niece Rosie to Barbara Hepworths Sculpture Garden and studio. Her works are pure artistic genius. So full of beauty and energy. They have their won extra-ordianry vibration. I am having difficulty uploading or downloading the photographs I took. So here are just two.

My niece Rosie Sherwood, is also a particulry splendid artist, sculptor, bookmaker and installation artist. I had such a lovely day with Rosie, we went to Plymouth by train to see her Instalation in Plymouth at the National Marine Aquarium.

Rosie Sherwood..I want to do her justice, so I will write a sepreate Blog on the work she has done for the National Aquarium to help bring awareness of the benefits of seagrass in our oceans. I might even ask her to write it for me!!!!

After Cornwall, off I went for me four days of painting in Little Bedwyn, a marvelous four days of paingint with wonderful artists. What a happy time!

A bientot