I rarely have time to write my blog. Which is a shame. I always want to have time to research something interesting. Give you fascinating things to read and tell you lots of wonderfully enticing tales. But I don’t really have much to tell you at all.

I can’t believe the last time I wrote was in Almond Blossom time. So long ago. In between then and now. I have taught a trip in Switzerland in April.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful people on my trips.

Lake Geneva was soon to be followed by a fabulous trip to Cinque Terre in May. Again with a fabulous group of artists and very fun people. What a time we had! So good I am teaching two groups of dear friends from previous trips next May.

Summer was so hot and dry, I can’t remember much of it. So very worrying, the drought, the empty lakes and resevoirs, the ground splitting and trees and plants dying. I feel so sad for the beautiful nature, our wonderful planet earth.

But to more jolly things, we had a massive down pour this morning which made us very happy. I wish it would have carried on for days, weeks, months. This afternoon we had big blue skies and much happier plants.

Hopefully I will write part 2 before the end of this week.

A bientôt