Or even two or three. It is just one of those things, I think to myself, I’ll wait until I have more time, I’ll have more time tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. I keep putting writing my blog off because I want enough time to write it in and to enjoy writing it in. Sadly at the moment writing is a luxury that I find hard to afford. I am so busy with my painting trips, which of course is wonderful, that the blog and the newsletter go on the back burner.


I arrived at Lalat Lime Tree House  after a ten hour non stop driving journey. Bliss to get out of the car and it is only 29 degrees here very cool in comparison to home.

I have held three painting workshops since I last wrote and I am about to embark on the fourth tomorrow. Which is of course why I am missing a beat or several. I think our brains were slightly fried on the last trip. We had a heat wave in Provence, highest temperatures ever recorded. My stoic painters, painted anyway and never complained. Wonderful women for sure. We visited Les Baux where I had been with another group only two weeks earlier, when it had poured with rain and we were all quite cold. this time we were so hot, even the shade bought us no reprieve.

This trip was lavender week and we had plenty of fun in the fields filled with bees and butterflies.

Lavender and butterfly provencethe space betweenIMG_1337Oh the beauty of lavender in provence


My lovely lavender ladies.

And a few images of my dog Thomas making friends with a chicken called Paris! and a few more of the garden. Today we had lunch almost entirely from Tom and Jan’s vegie garden and eggs from their hens!

I also forgot to  mention we went to the Van Gogh at Les Baux and Victoria took some great photos.

Van Gogh at Les Baux de ProvenceVan Gogh Iris's

Just imagine this vast quarry filled with iris and cherry blossom and listen to Janis Joplin and Mozart as you walk your way round in awe!

I have two trips still to come this year. September 14th – 21st Saint Didier in the Vaucluse where we will also go to Roussillon and visit the Van Gogh light show. I have two places left on this trip and then the October trip in Lorgues where we will be painting the extra-ordianry hues of the vineyards as they turn gold and red, purple, turquoise, burgandy, yellow, orange, magenta and more. Endless hills of autumnal hues waiting for us to paint them.

À bientôt