I wondered whether or not to go to the ‘Matisse in the Studio’ at the RA or not. I had been thinking I should go to see something more contemporary and perhaps I still will. But actually I am so glad I went. And even though I live in France and even though Iive near Nice and even though I visit Matisse’s old home/studio in Cimiez, I loved the way this little exhibition was put together. It was simply beautiful and beautifully explained without having to agonize intellectually about the meaning of each art work. Or the convoluted explanations of how the artist is expressing his version of the truth or the word or the number. Which is how the Jasper John’s exhibition seemed to be for me. It wasn’t until I decided to stop reading what the curator was saying about Jasper John’s paintings and sculptures that I actually started to feel the meaning instead of understanding it intellectually. Then once I have felt it my mind is able to grasp the meaning.

Matisse was my hero when I was younger amongst others, he and Hans Hoffman. I think it was their use of colour that I loved the most. Yellow Odalisque, Henri Matisse 1937

Yellow Odalisque, Henri Matisse 1937, one of my favourites.

Safranno Roses at the Window, Henri Matisse, 1925.jpg

Safranno Roses at the Window, Henri Matisse 1925.

Ooh la la don’t you just love this beautiful, light and lovely and exquisitley painted still life? I do.

Yesterday I went to the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park, not only to see the art but to try and sell myself to a gallery at the same time. So heart in hand and not in chest I approached a few people and was greatly comforted to meet up again with The Contemporary Eye Gallery from Hong Kong who told me to send my new work to them and another gallery who said they would be happy to look at my work. But the best bit of all was approaching two women from the Rosvik Gallery. I told then straight away that ‘ I am not a buyer, I am an artist’ they said ‘oh but we love artists, we are artists’ and we had a wonderful conversation. I love their work and they have invited me to paint with them in Wiltshire. Magic!

Then I met with my dear friend Sarah Jane or SJ and we had smashed avocado for lunch at the Pear Tree Cafe, and we talked and talked and talked and talked and had a splendid afternoon. I smiled all the way back home.

Lots of memory lane to be written about, but I need to get ready to go out!!

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