‘Dads rocking chair and lavender’

What have I been doing since I last wrote, well thats a long story and I am not sure I want to tell you all about it. So I won’t. But I have been exceptionally busy and the only time I have had to paint is after 9.30 pm on my ipad with an app called procreate and I have to see that even though I haven’t had time for actual painting I am thoroughly enjoying my ipad painting experience.

I know life is very hard for everyone at the moment, and we are living in uncertain times, so I hope my paintings can bring you a little bit of joy today.

I am printing all my i pad paintings on high quality watercolour paper using my professional canon printer and the quality, even though I say so myself is very good indeed. All my prints are for sale on my website. Tessabakerart and I have a sale if any of you are interested in buying!

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