I am over the moon. Who could have thought I would be over the moon about having internet. I have been having a lovely time here in Graissessac for the last month but have not had any internet. I have not been able to write my blog or do a lot of my work. So when I was connected this morning I could hardly contain myself. I have a mountain of jobs to do now I have the magic of wifi, but I got so over excited I couldn’t think at all. Finally my brain is coming back to me. Or back to blog. It is very cold here but on Saturday I just had to paint. There are several extra-ordinarily pretty rivers near me. The River Mare and the River Orb. The river Mare is closest and has a lovely long walk alongside it. I take Thomas walking there. The was howling but the sun was shining. So I sat down by the waterside and painted some very swift watercolour sketches.

cascade clairac 2


cascade a clairac 3


cascade a clairac

keep trying tess

I have called this photo ‘Keep trying Tess’ I obviously have a long way to go with waterfalls.

Jolly good fun all the same.

on the river mare near clairac


river mare-clairac languedoc

All of these water colour sketches took no moe than 3 minutes each. I thought it best not to give myself the time to think. If I over think something it often doesn’t work.

Although I have been thinking a lot about my September and October trips. I have changed dates and venues. I am bringing them back to Provence and leaving Budapest out this September. They should all be up on my website Paint Provence with Tess very soon.

I am am enjoying the discovery of a part of France that I didn’t know very well. It is very beautiful with some spectacular landscapes. In 2020 Paint Provence with Tess will most certainly be coming here.


I would like to wish you all a very belated Happy New Year and I hope to be posting more frequently now.


À bientôt!