You can hardly imagine my surprise this morning, when Thomas and I were out walking, when all the pretty pink clouds in the sky appeared to change form in front of my very eyes, there they were bold as brass those lovely  little kissy fishes from years gone past!

A little birdy told me they were clearing the skies ready for Father Christmas and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. I must say I was quite astonished that there were quite so many in the skies of Graissessec. Who knows why. Not many people live here.

Morning walk in Graissessac

I am spending a sojourn in a friends house in Graissessac. I can’t find much information about the village on the WWW or in any of the books for that matter. But a walk to the local Epicerie run by a very nice man, supplied me with a little more information along with some coffee.

Which way to the Post Office. Oh down those stairs. Graissessac

(Which way to the Post Office? Oh down down those stairs!)

And quite a few more after that. Graissessac is actually quite large and there are some pretty impressive houses here, but so few of them are occupied. I wondered what had happened here and why it is so deserted. Monsieur Epicerie told me that the village used to be a proud one. Almost 3500 citizens, 10 cafes, two cinemas, several restaurants and many commerces. This used to be a mining village, it was wealth and self sufficient, from groceries to dairy produce and butchers. The mine was closed and the village died.

I am sad for the village, but very happy to be here myself, it is quite stunning and the area surrounding is very beautiful. I plan on painting a lot here and having a quiet time.

Maybe I shall bring Paint Provence with Tess here, not so far from Barcelone, not so far from Toulouse, not so far from Montpellier. Not so far at all.

On the subject of my painting trips I have two places left for Lake Powell Utah and a few here and there in Provence for 2019. Please visit my site if you are interested in coming on any of them.

And of course, me Thomas (my dog) and the kissy kissy fish wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year.