Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

1) Do you take absolute beginners? I have never painted before?

Answer. Yes. This course suits everyone from absolute beginners to professionals who want to have a painting holiday away. I have limited the course to four people. In this way you get individual tuition and help.  I have had people who have never drawn or painted before th course. who have flourished in just one week and have gone home to take up painting.

2) I don’t know what materials to choose can you provide all the materials for me?

Answer. Yes. There is a list of all materials you need to bring. But if you prefer I provide all necessary materials for you there is an added cost of €60 to the course fee.

3) Do you provide all toiletries and hairdryers.

Answer. We provide, soap, shampoo, basic suntan lotions and hairdryers.We also provide basic first aid and mosquito repellant and calmant. We do not provide toothpaste or any body lotions etc.

4) I am gluten intolorant. Can you cater for allergies and food preferences?

Answer. Yes. Our chef caters to everyones needs. When you sign up for a course I send you a form to fill in so we have all the necessary information to make your trip as perfect as possible for you.

5) Is there any time to shop on the trip?

Answer. Yes. There is always a maket day or a shopping afternnon to buy gifts for yourself or  friends/family.

6) I am planning to arrive a few days early and stay at a hotel. Can you pick me up from there?

Answer. No. I have four people who arrive on the same day at different times this makes it too difficult to drive to a hotel as well as the airport or train station. If you want to arrive early, thats great but we would have to arrange pick up at the airport or train station at the same times as the other arrivals.

7) What sort of clothes should I bring?

Answer. Pratical. When you have booked your trip I will let you know what the weather is like so you will know what to bring. Also as we paint plien air practical shoes and clothes are the best for day ware but its always nice to have a change of clothes for a special dinner in or out.