I clutched the moving rail, stood firm on the step lest I should lose my balance, I thought how different now to just  five years ago when I would have run down the escalator not thinking that I would be prone to dizzy spells and lack of balance. Age, I thought getting older more fragile. Then what nonsense. My niece Kim and her beloved Nick of ten years got married this weekend and who danced every dance (With the guy who would catch her eye) Me. Wild banshee dancing according to my sister Sarah who was with out doubt beautiful and graceful on the dance floor. I made myself go to bed after two hours of endless dancing then once in bed wished I was still up like a child banished to bed before she felt it was reasonable. The music, dancing and singing along went on until 2 am.

Morning dawned and the wild green ocean roared onto the shore. My feet throbbing and my stomach muscles aching after revisiting some energetic salsa moves to La la mumba or something similar, I was glad to have banished my self the night before.
I am not so old after all, most of the young ones missed a dance or two and a few of us more grey in years stayed faithful to our dancing days.
What a beautiful few days it has been. So much love, so many memories. We arrived in Wales Pembrokeshire at The Druidstone Hotel around 4 pm just in time for Kim’s actual 30th birthday. Having been in the house during her birth I felt an auntily pride rise in me. Rosie Kim’s big sister and I had sat holding hands on the sofa watching Bambi whilst Ellie (Kim’s mum) gave birth to Kim downstairs, not only where we two of the first to see her we were two of the first to hold her. A moving and perfect memory I hope to keep with me forever.
Now in front of me this glorious woman and her handsome bridegroom. Time passes so quickly, make the most of all you have because it vanishes far too fast.

Then friends going back 40 years and their grand children and on it goes on who would have thought I would be here and enjoying all these years of mine so much, all these years and generations of beautiful young and glorious people and a few of us a bit older now!!

Well I have known my sisters since the word dot of course!! and I have known our disha for well over 49. How very lovely;

I just want you to know I haven’t abandonned my blog, life has been very difficulté and painful, I am just beginning to get my head around a things. So next blog will be more about art and great things to come for PainT PROVENCE IN THE FUTURE

Bon nuit et dormez bien