The photo above is not of Saint Paul but a Paint Provence lunch at home on our terrace in Lorgues. I am actually cooking for the summer months near to Saint Paul and the Colle-sur-Loup. Every year I promise myself I will take photo’s of my food and every year I forget because I get so busy and involved with what I am doing that I don’t remember that I am supposed to be taking food photo’s until I have completely cleared the kitchen. As you can imagine this is a nightly experience and has been in this particular villa for the last 19 years and in my life as a chef for the last 45 years. Other people sometimes take photos for me but they get busy too!

These are all quite old but I shall try to take some more.

Really this blog is an apology of sorts to those of you who follow me because it is rare for me to write and art blog during the summer as my mind is filled with food, shopping and menu’s.

But I have been planning my dates and destinations for 2019 and a few for 2020 so if you are interested in one of my trips please take a look and see if there is one or even two you might like to come on.

And just for fun the food below is cooked by two of our lovely chef Ruth.

pot pouri of wonderful food in provence

A bientôt!