Awake early this morning just in time to catch the sun as she rose, the dogs were less interested in the morning hues. I was transfixed. It is astonishing to me how much nature continues to give and give and how much we take from her.

I started to think about all the colours I see all that joy I have when I truly open my eyes to see the abundance of colour and the changes of colour. Charlie, David and I went to the seaside in Hyeres. The wind blew, the sea threw itself onto the rocks and and then left them as quickly. We picnicked on chicken and spinnach salad. Spinnach leaves were blown into the coffee, into our glasses and onto our faces!! Quite the mess.

Black clouds dominated the sky behind us and created the mercurial colour of the sea, flashes of sunlight helped the heavenly mix.

Home and a walk with the dogs, still the sunlight trying to push through the heavy clouds seem to highlight the colours in the vineyards.

I painted this slightly abstracted painting of leaves when I was ill in bed a few years ago. It isn’t very easy painting in bed!

So, just thinking, I think I will do a few colour mixing video’s with Paul and Gretchen my website wonderful masters as it would be nice for you who don’t know how to mix the colours you see to be able to. I shall write to them this very day and see if we can set up a date and time.

I am also going to be re starting my morning and afternoon classes in Lorgues in January and weekend courses. So look out for them on my website Paint Provence with Tess.

I think this blog has to be in two parts there are so many colours and so many beautiful photos I want to post. Here are a few more just for now.

Simply riotous array of colours. For now I will leave you and will be back on Tuesday with more. Charlie and I are having this yummy Sunday off!!