Cinque Terre

Painting holidays in Cinque Terre

  • May 3rd – 11th 2023 > FULLY BOOKED!
  • May 15th – 23rd 2023 > FULLY BOOKED!

Painting in Liguria, Italy! The Cinque Terre (five towns) is a string of five beautiful fishing villages perched high on the Italian Riviera which until recently were linked only by mule tracks and accessible only by rail or water.

The price for this trip is €3500 per student or €3300 per person when two are sharing accommodation (for example, if you wish to bring your non-painting partner).

Tess knows her countryside and her palette very well… She took us to all of the most picturesque places, carefully chosen to capitalize on the weather conditions and our levels of skill, to develop our individual strengths and styles and to challenge us to new levels. I highly recommend a week with Tessa to learn, enjoy, paint, sight-see (and shop, eat and wine-taste!) and let yourself be inspired and challenged as well as spoiled and amazed – at all of the beauty, fun, laughter, great results and good times! I would go back in a minute – any day!

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Your Art Course in Cinque Terre:
An Overview of the 10 days.

The two nearest airports to Cinque Terre are Pisa and Genoa. If you are flying from the States Genoa is probably the easiest.
We will of course pick you up and take you back to the Villa I have found the perfect villa in La Spezia with a huge pool and beautiful grounds. The Lonely Planet advises that we go to the villages by train as the terrain is difficult as is parking and the trains take us to the center of the villages.

Arrival Monday:
Pick up from airport in the afternoon and drive to villa, relax swim, settle in and dinner.

Painting at home and colour palette for the fishing boats and colourful houses. I will also be teaching perspective, we might be painting quite a few houses.

Riomaggiore. We will spend the day painting in this very colourful village, the streets and small ports with its brightly coloured boats are a colourists delight. We will have lunch locally and go back to the villa for dinner.

After our day in Riomaggiore we will spend the morning at the villa going over and finishing our paintings from the day before. In the afternoon we will drive to Portovenere to paint seascapes and sea sunsets and back to the villa for dinner.

We will take the train to the beautiful village of Manarole, we will paint in the vines and the village, have lunch locally and go home for dinner.

A gentle morning followed by a train trip to Vernazza, we will paint the harbour views, it really is so beautiful here.

Is a day off for us all to do what you would like to in. We also cook together for fun and to give Anna a day off.

We visit by train Corniglia where there are huge vies over the five villages and wonderful sea scapes we will spend the day here and eat locally and go back to the villa for dinner

Monterrosso, the last but not least of the five villages to visit and paint in. Of course we eat locally and go home for a swim and dinner.

If we are up for it in the morning, a visit to Pisa I think we have to go since we are here. and Friday afternoon we go back to the villa to finish any paintings we need to for our evening exhibition with nibble and champagne and our
farewell dinner.

I think we are going to have a truly wonderful trip and as usual the itinerary is subject to change due to weather or other circumstances.

Looking forward to seeing you all in May!

We will…

  • Pick you up from and take you back to the airport.
  • Take you to some of the most stunning scenic destinations.
  • Provide delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinner by our chef.

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