I can’t quite beleive it I have only been back for two weeks and a lot of ground has been covered already. On April 6th, me and two fellow artists Karen and Yolante went with paints in hand to Chateau Roseline to draw and paint and work out a template for the 127 Chinese/Hongkong clients that are spending a week in France and will be at the Chateau for the day, wine tasting, visiting and painting.IMG_1539.jpg


This is our much simplified version of the scene, drawn by Karen and painted by me.

Followed by a brief day cleaning at my studio to then pick up the delightful Victoria from Nice airport to start our wonderful adventure in the Camargue, painting flamingos.



Victoria’s wonderful painting of Flaments Roses.


A splendid study by Victoria.

We had two very wet days. One of the days the rain was pouring down and we thought ‘oh well we will still be able to paint in the shelter of the small cafe’ OH NO, every where there was shelter there were hundreds of school children hiding from the rain. We, madly, decided to brave it and went on a soggy search of trees that might offer us a little respite from the rain. My painting was awash with colour swept away and the painting stolen by the rain. Victoria had a little more luck but not much. Enough is enough we cried and hurried off to the warm and friendly cafe next door where we had warm tarte tatin and hot chocolate. We drove back to our cosy airbnb, lit the fire and painted until late.

I painted  both of these on a warm and sunny day.



I took Victoria to one of my favourite places in the Camargue to visit. Aigues Mortes, which is a place I usually only go with me neice Rosie, infact I only ever go to the Camargue with Rosie so it was quite a change for me to have Victoria there.





Villa Mazarin, a really beautiful hotel, with sumptious decor and a fabulous restaurant very kindly priced.

No sooner had I dropped Victoria up from the airport than I picked Maggie and Amanda