Painting Holidays
in Budapest

Budapest is a gorgeous city with two very distinct sides separated by the Danube River: Buda is on the west and Pest on the East.
Merged into one city in 1873, both areas have developed very independently of each other and though they share similarities,each has its own, distinct flavour. While Buda is renowned for its grandeur and attractions like Hapsburg Palace, Pest is fiery and lively and home to bustling backdrops of ruin pubs, historic attractions, and replete café culture.


    • 14th – 21st September 2019

€2500 per painting person, €2150 per non-participating partner.

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An Overview of the Week


Getting there:

I will pick you up in the afternoon, either from the main train station in Budapest or at Budapest International Airport. I will take you back to our Villa which is a 30 minute drive from the airport.


Settle in, a walk and a talk and a delicious dinner and an overview
of our week.


In the morning I teach you all basic techniques, colour mixing, composition and perspective. Lunch followed by a trip into Budapest to sketch ready for the full day on Monday.


I will do two demonstrations one at each location and then help you with your view and sketches.
Castle and Castle Hill The winding cobblestone streets and leafy promenades of Castle Hill lead past baroque houses, Habsburgmonuments and cafes including early 19th-century Ruszwurm.
Key attractions include Buda Castle, a palace razed and rebuilt over centuries, now home to the Hungarian National Gallery and Budapest History Museum. The turrets and terraces of Fisherman’s Bastion offer views over the Danube and nearby Matthias Church.

Matthias Church

There is so much to see and paint here. We will sketch from the castle in the morning and the view from the Fisherman’s Bastion in the afternoon. We will visit the famous Ruszwurm cafe and sample their excellent pastries. I have been told how good they are by my niece Rosie.


In the morning we will go over your sketches and you will have time to paint a painting from them and of course photographs if needed. We will have lunch at the villa and then into Pest in the afternoon to
the Jewish Quarter.

The Jewish Quarter

Beautiful streets we will definitely be practising perspective!


We are going on a day trip on the Danube to visit the picturesque village of Szentendre. We will have lunch there.

Szentendre on the Dqnube

Szentendre from the water

And home in time for dinner.


We are going to visit the amazing market in Budapest and sketch this beautiful structure. We will also visit the Green Bridge (which is right beside the market) It is also called Liberty Bridge and I thought we would sketch one small part of it a close up.

Inside Budapest market

Home for a late lunch and then turning our sketches into paintings in the afternoon. I will guide you through all the processes.


We will spend the day at Heroes Square but home in time in the afternoon to go over all your paintings and sketches, I will help each of you individually and then in the late afternoon we will serve bubbly with cocktails and of course another delicious dinner.

Heroes Square


Saturday morning is Farewell when I take you to your plane or train..

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