Forever and ever Arizona

I had time on Thursday 28th to go to the Bonnard exhibition before going to the airport to catch my plane. I am glad I had time and I am glad I went. Bonnard’s paintings are so soft and colourful, light and gentle. His wife Marthe, his main inspiration and the landscape around him. I didn’t know that Bonnard would only look at and memorise the scene or still life then go back to his studio first to sketch and then paint from his memory only. He felt that being in front of your composition, continuously observing inteferred with his painting because it interuppted the flow of his sub conscious and conscious mind and therefore took from his painting. I am not sure if that would be the right thing for me to do but it works for Bonnard!

Beautiful paintings, I have only ever seen one or two in art museums so seeing so many at this exhibition was a real treat.

After a long journey to Los Angeles (we spent 6 hours on the plane before take off) I got to my hotel and slept. A friend suggested I go to Santa Monica Pier on the Saturday and so I did. Up early because of jet lag I decided to take the bus. Bus 3 from Century Boulevarde to Santa  Monica. I held a $5 in my hand and the surly bus driver said ‘no change ask the passengers’ I did the fare was $1.25 but no one had the right change. A kind man proffered 50 cents, I said thank you but I didn’t think it was enough. “oh yes he said it is 50 cents for a senior” I can’t quite get over the fact that I am a senior.

Santa Monica Pier what a good idea!

I went for a long walk on this beautiful beach and fell in love with this famous and wonderful Pier.

Up and off to Phoenix to meet up with my friend Maggie for a few days before driving through the forever Arizona country. I am now in love with Arizona as well. The colours are mind blowing.

True Blue ArizonaArizonaPage ArizonaOn the way to Lake PowellForever in ArizonaForever Arizona 2sunset forever Arizona

I can’t quite believe I am here, the landsacape is so foreign and yet I feel so at home.

Me and Maggie

Me and Maggie a quick selfie whilst painting.

A bientôt!