Fabulous photo by Dominique Baekelandt. The monumental hand with the tiny bird at our painting location yesterday in the almost desterted village of Lacoste.IMG_8372

‘Welcome’ is by sculptor Alexander Bourganov and over looks the fields and valleys below.


Such concentration.

LRG_DSC00028 6

A touch of colour to the green. Photo by Dominique.


One of the views down from Lacoste, we will be painting landscapes this morning near to the beautifully manicured farm.


And now let me introduce you to Ruth. Ruth joined us on Tuesday evening after a busy weekend cooking at the Cannes Film fesitival. We are the lucky ones, her food is superb and her company is joyful. Thank you Ruth.

Food photo’s by Dominique.

 After such a yummy dinner we had to go for a walk.


Now it’s time to get ready to paint.

A bientôt.