Amazing Meals

Enjoy some amazing meals
during your painting holiday

Marvellous meals from our chefs! We work with carefully selected chefs, like Anna and Lucy. Both Anna and Lucy are experienced yacht chefs and I am very lucky that they are my friends and they cook for my Painting Holidays in the South of France and in Antigua.

Painting holidays in the South of France

Enjoying the late spring evening.

Marvellous Mediterranean Meals
in the south of France

All that is delicious in Provence.

Just a few of our amazing meals cooked by Anna and Lucy.

Baby artichokes with lemon hollandaise

Amazing avocado and melon salad

PPainting holidays in The South of France

Avocado and melon salad


Provençal Feasts

Salad Caprese

If you want laughter and song, delicious food cooked by a French chef and the best rosé; if you want to breath air filled with the aroma of wild marjoram and mint; if you want to sit in a vineyard amidst turning leaves and taste the left behind grapes; if you want enthusiastic and excellent guidance painting with watercolours the scenery of Provence – the old towns, the hazy vistas, the ancient olive groves, the colourful flowers and trees, the St.Tropez fishing boats ; if you want to stay in an rustic old stone house with artistic, oh so comfortable interiors; if you want to be treated every day, all day with kindness and love; if you want to meet delightful people go on a Paint Provence Trip with Tessa Baker. Learning to paint with watercolours with Tessa was inspiring and rewarding. Now I see the world in a different way and I want to paint all the time. And I definitely want to go back.

Ruth Brock

Painting Holidays in the South of France

Delicious Provençal Meals with our Painting Holidays in the South of France

Provençal meals at their best …and fabulous produce from our Provençal markets!

One of the wonderful things about eating in France is the fantastic tasty produce that we get here. Anna and Lucy know just how to cook it. All our meals are seasonal  and because our holidays are all timed for lovely weather of course we get the best of the best.

Painting Holidays in the South of France

Lucy’s amazing chestnut and raspberry torte. Yummy!

It is so lovely to come home after a day out painting, have swim or a walk and then find a beautiful table has been laid for us on the table under the medlar tree. Sit and relax eat great food and have wonderful and interesting conversations.

Painting Holidays in the South of France

Last night dinner with Yee, Tammy, Mary and Louise and of course our chef Lucy.

Mashed potatoes and truffles.

Breaded chicken escalope with mushroom sauce.

Tomatoes and Basil from our garden.

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