It’s Saturday morning and it is time to pack up and go. We have come to the end of a wonderful week. Meiling and Dominique have produced a lot of fabulous work and I shall be sorry to say goodbye.


The weather finally cheered up and we were able to spend more time painting plein-air.

Chateau visiting and wine tasting have all been part of the last few days of our painting trip.


We went to a few Chateau’s the first was very unfriendly, so we left in a hurry, the second a young man was smoking a cigarette right outside the wine tasting door so we didn’t even get out of the car and the third, well third time lucky, is where we took all the photos above. The house dates back to the 9th Century and is literally built out of the rock it is built on. After the visit and the wine tasting at Chateau de Mille, which also happens to be the oldest vineyard in the area we went to paint in it’s vineyards.


Yesterday was poppy and cherry tree day and Mr. Hugues and his daughter told us about their cherry orchards and which cherries are grown for what. Andros the huge campnay that makes jam buys all their cherries. Mr. Hugues told us you can get 50 kilo’s of cherries from one tree alone. Pretty impressive.

Off home for another of Ruth’s amazing meals and then prep for our small exhibition in the afternoon. We invited Mr. Hugues and his daughter but sadly Patricia’s daughters had other ideas on how to spend their Friday evening!


Thank you Meiling, Dominique and Ruth for a wonderful week.

A bentôt.