What can I say. I fell in love today with Daisy. Linda and I were busy trying to get our 10000 steps. I was miserable that she seemed always to have at least 1000 more steps than me, so instead of walking straight I went back and forth but still didn’t catch up. Deeply distressed I told Linda, who laughed and said she does smaller steps than me therefore more. At this point we heard a mule guffawing very loudy, but could not see it. On the way back Daisy came trotting down to greet us. I gave her some grass and walked on. Clever girl she kept trotting on ahead and waited for us to catch up for more grass. I am in love with Daisy.

My friend DaisyMe and Daisy the mule

The port in Alducia is very pretty and we stopped there for coffee, then having read great things about the market in Alducia we went there. It was crowded full of all the same mass produced stuff and very expensive. Needless to say we didn’t stay there long and went back to paint our pretty boats.

The suns coming out in the port of Alducia

Last night I thought about colour mixing, we have had so many moody skies, really beautiful ones with moments of different blues, manganese, cerulean, coblat, almost pale turquoise and then of course the purples and greys so I thought I would start a little colour chart going on my blog for those of you who are interested.

cooler greysWarm Greys. Paint Provence with Tess

À bientôt.