Yesterday we visited Angouleme, we weren’t very impressed but we did have a nice lunch there in pretty surroundings and enjoyed the shops. We didn’t paint there, we didn’t want to. Instead we came back to Lime Tree House and painted here the rather pretty old loo house, which still has it’s three wooden loos side by side in it. Communal ablutions doesn’t seem too enticing, but now they are not used, quite quaint.


Today we visited Confolens, on the Charente river, it is quite stunning and must have been a very wealthy town in it’s day, now there are many empty and sad looking houses in the old centre mixed with rather stunning and grandiose 18th Century buildings of great importance I am sure, and for people of great importance too, I am in no doubt. But today it was quiet and we almost had the sleepy town to ourselves. We painted on a bench by the river, two unfinished paintings to be continued another day. For now here are some photo’s of the little town.

15th Century Building ConfolonsIMG_9739Confolens on the river Charentethe charente 1Door Confolens dated 1690The Charentelilies on the CharenteThe dragon fly on the Charente

How pretty and last but not least Jan’s horses in the evening sun.

BlueJan's horses in the sunlight with Brook


A bientôt