I am writing this is with hope, hope that this new war will end NOW that all wars will end. Thats all I am going to say. My blog isn’t about world politics and war . It is about creativitiy, love, joy of nature, joy of painting, joy of art. My love of nature.

The almond trees have started to flower, pretty blossom all around us. I thought I would do a little research on almond blossom, its symbolism in different cultures and religions. Hope and renewal are recurring, courage, diligence, watchfulness and conjugal happiness. Blossom is known as the Awakener.

For Van Gogh it was certainly the Awakener from gloom to inspiration and a new found happiness. When Van Gogh was in Paris he became enthralled by Japanese Art, the simplicity and purity of the paintings. He likened some of the great Japanese artists to those of Rembrandt, Veneer and Hals. He greatly admired Hiroshige and intergrated some of his techinques into several of his paintings.

When Van Gogh travelled south to Arles, he was greeted by the blossoming of the almond trees, and although the landscape was covered in snow, these brave little trees continued to flower. The light, the blossom, the landscape, created in Van Gogh a new hope and awakened to a new clarity renwed energy and broke out of his depression and lethargy. He wrote enthusiastically to his brother Theo, his mother and his sister, he gave one of his most beautiful almond blossom paintings (I think) to his brother Theo and his wife on the birth of his nephew who was aptly named Vincent.

By mid December I start to long for almond trees to blossom and the mimosa to shine bright yellow. They do bring hope for a new beginning and a certainty that spring is around the corner. Which means summer will soon follow. For an artist like me who prefers to paint plein-air I can’t wait for the warmth of the sun and to sit in a field of poppies painting.

I pad Almond Blossom March 2021 by Tess
Just a little section of almond blossom painting I painted in 2015.

Water colour by Tess. Almond Blossom of course.

There is hope, there is blossom and I am so lucky to be living in Provence. This beautiful place full of blossom and full of the most splendid light to paint in.

A bientôt and love and peace to all