A break from it all. Funny, isn’t it? That the thing that does you the most good is generally the one thing you don’t do. Painting calms, soothes and seems to regulate me in a way that nothing else can. And yet and yet I don’t do it. I have so many things I have to do, so much paper work, so many accounts, so much marketing it is all overwhelming. But having a day off seems out of the question.

What happens? I get too tired to do anything. Sense prevails and I go to paint.

Not yet finished but thoroughly enjoyed.

The vines were withering in September, the leaves were crisped and dying. It rained and the leaves changed and became full of life and colour. I have been yearning to paint the leaves for weeks now and finally today I did. And tomorrow I will finish it. I got up to leave then saw this beautiful sky.

A bientot